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Residential D
rug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Keeping Families Together -
Restoring Lives and Independence

South East Queensland

Grace Homestead is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility based in the Lockyer Valley, which caters specifically for mothers who have struggled with a substance use disorder. The facility enables a mother with up to two children (under the age of 10 years) to seek treatment while continuing to care for her children.  

Our program is for women who are ready to receive help and make a meaningful contribution to the community.   We believe that each of these women have hope, purpose, and a future.  With a consistent, caring environment, and evidence-based, therapeutic intervention, we will provide the optimal conditions for recovery.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a prevalent issue affecting people in the Lockyer Valley and across the state. The effects of substance abuse not only affect the individual and their responsibilities, but also extend to the family unit, the individual’s ability to contribute to the community, and society as a whole. 


We are passionate about seeing these lives restored